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"Infernal" score in tRNAScanSE?

| posted 21 Mar, 2017 15:04
I am just now noticing that the score that we tend to pay attention to when we run scans in this software package is an "inFernal" score, not "inTernal" as I originally read it. This doesn't appear to be a typo as it also occurs in the help documentation, but they really don't explain it. Is this just a strange contraction for "inferential"? Or is it some kind of obscure (at least to me) statistical term? A google search doesn't seem to help….
| posted 06 Aug, 2017 04:30
Infernal appears to be covariance model search program for RNA homology searches, from Sean Eddy's lab.
Edited 06 Aug, 2017 04:32
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