It is technically possible to pre-computed whole phage reports for all phage but it is currently unfeasible. Whole phage reports take on average about 5 minutes on a decently powered computer and there are currently over 2300 phage. That works out to about 1 week to calculate all reports. Given that there is a new database every week means I would need 1 computer running full time and totally dedicated to the task.

As for Starterator, there is the current "Stable" version that I used to create the report posted above. There is also an "Experimental" version that has a bunch of changes to the output. For comparison here is the output from the "experimental" version:


The experimental version has some improvements that I really like (e.g. sorting of the phage track to the top) that will certainly be in the next "Stable" release, but it also has some parts that still need work (e.g. like the new summary table) and will definitely be changing as soon as the semester calms down and I can get back to coding.

Let me know which version you are interested in, and we can go from there.