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Copy and paste in DNA Master

| posted 25 Sep, 2015 16:01
We have a student who cannot copy and paste into or within DNA Master.

She can copy and paste outside of DNA Master on her computer and if she opens her DNA Master file on a different computer, she can copy and paste into and within DNA Master.

Does she need to re-install DNA Master on her computer or is there a preference setting she needs to change?

Any insights appreciated!

| posted 25 Sep, 2015 16:02
Is she running the WINE bottled version of DNAMaster on a Mac? This is an issue that is easily corrected in the X11 preferences. If she's running it on a Windows machine, I'd uninstall and re-install the program. I can't recall ever having this issue on a Windows machine, but I encounter it approximately 20% of the time when my students run it on their Macbooks.
| posted 25 Sep, 2015 16:04
For "copy and paste" in DNA Master, we have at times found that while the key stroke commands don't work, the edit menu functions do work. A trivial contribution that might help!
| posted 07 Aug, 2018 21:55
I am not able to Copy/Paste from documentation to documentation. It works from Notes to documentation, but not from documentation to documentation or documentation to anywhere. It looks like it has been selected and copied, but there is no way to paste. The preferences in X11 must be on or it would not copy/paste in other places, right?
| posted 08 Aug, 2018 01:01
I also cannot get WINE DNA Master to copy/paste from documentation to documentation directly and am not sure why this happens, but I found a reliable work-around. Copy the text from the documentation, then go to Tools –> Text Editor. A Text Editor window will open; paste your text here. You can use either the edit menu or the shortcut button within the Text Editor window. Select your text in the Text Editor window and copy it again, either using the edit menu function or the copy shortcut button in Text Editor. This text can now be copied directly into a documentation.
| posted 08 Aug, 2018 12:35
Thanks Kristen. I tried this also and I am not able to paste into the text editor. I was sure that I had been able to do this before, so I tried again at home. I have an imac with a different mouse and I am able to copy and paste from documentation to documentation. I am going to test this at work today. Are you using an Apple Mouse?
| posted 08 Aug, 2018 13:15
So strange! I am using a generic wireless mouse with my MacBook Pro. I have always found it easier to use with DNA Master than the Apple mouse.
| posted 08 Aug, 2018 21:56
`Well that didn't work. HMMM…
| posted 10 Aug, 2018 01:59
The best I can figure is that it has to do with the OS. Baylor has 10.12.6 (which will not copy and paste from documentation) and I have 10.13.6 (which will copy and paste from documentation). Kristen- I'm just wondering which version are you using?

I was able to use a PC and OH MY what a difference. Best wishes!
| posted 10 Aug, 2018 13:58
I'm also on 10.13.6. This is good information to know so that we can encourage students to upgrade their OS!
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