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Phage can not be added

| posted 10 Mar, 2017 19:50

Lehigh is new to using PECAAN. I have tried quite a few times this week to use PECAAN with a streptomyces phage Warpy (BE1). I followed all the instructions in the most recent guide from Dec 7, 2016. The longest I have let the site run is 24 hours and the phage still has not been added to the database. Any ideas?
Katie Mageeney
| posted 11 Mar, 2017 03:12

I usually see phage on the site immediately after adding (though the information on the genes takes some time to update). I looked and don't see Warpy on the list at all.

Do you have admin rights? I'm just guessing, but that could be an issue.

Claire at WKU would be the ultimate source of information to clear up this question.

| posted 12 Mar, 2017 16:01
Hi Lee,

I actually started all of this on Vassie's account. I know she has admin right. Since it did not work under her account, she created an admin account for me. I can add additional users and get into the admin setting so I assume I have admin privileges.

I'll send Claire an email.

| posted 21 Jun, 2017 19:44
I have had trouble using FireFox. Safari worked right away.
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