PECAAN (Phage Evidence Collection and Annotation Network)
Claire Rinehart, from Western Kentucky University, introduced us to PECAAN at last summer’s Retreat. PECAAN is a companion program to DNA Master (not a replacement), streamlining the complicated decision-making process of Gene Prediction by displaying relevant evidence for each gene on its own web page. It also provides a record-keeping system that can be used as input to create your final DNA Master files.
Using PECAAN is optional. You may want to add PECAAN into your students’ workflow once they get the hang of using DNA Master and evaluating the data from the various data sources. Or you may want to use it as a tool for the final review of your genomes because it stores BLAST (PhagesDB and NCBI), HHPRED, and Starterator data for the entire genome and can output this data into DNA Master as a functional file or as a fully annotated file.

To gain access to PECAAN, instructors should email a request along with:
    Firstname, MI, Lastname
    Full institution name
    Approximate number of students in their group.

The PECAAN user manual is available on on the Faculty Information page. The user manual contains instructions on how to load phages into PECAAN and how to add your students as users of the site.
Edited 16 Dec, 2016 20:34