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Archiving 2014-15

We are shipping tubes for archiving on November 5, 2014.  The number of tubes you will receive will depend on the number of students enrolled in your classes that you enter on  Please do so by October 29, 2014.  Once you have entered your student numbers and shipping address, we will have the information we need to send you your tubes.

The calculation that we will use to determine the number of tubes to send is # students x 2 (because we want 2 sets of archive tubes) + 20%.  (For example, if you have 20 students, we will send you 48 tubes).  Please refer to the revised SEA-PHAGES Lysate Archiving Protocol on PhagesDB.  We will ship to the shipping address you have entered at  No additional shipping materials or labels will be provided. 

So to recap:

  • Enter student numbers and shipping address at by October 29, 2014.
  • Expect the barcoded tubes on November 7, 2014. (to be shipped on November 5, 2014.)
  • Return archive phage lysates (in duplicate) at your earliest convenience.
  • Full protocol found at PhagesDB.
  • If you did not complete an MTA last year*, you still need to do so.  If you still need to do this, you will receive an email in the next few days.

Ship to:

Hatfull Lab

SEA-PHAGES Mycobacteriophage Archive Samples

University of Pittsburgh

376 Crawford Hall

Pittsburgh, PA  15260

(412) 624-6976

*Note:  Cohort 7:  Your MTA is complete.  You will receive an entire Archive Box, please refer to the complete protocol for clarification.

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