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2019 Phage Genomics Workshop
Dec 9
4 PM
Dec 13
1 PM

A week-long workshop where new SEA-PHAGES faculty members learn the basics of the second semester of the course. Topics include auto-annotating a genome, adding or deleting genes, calling tRNAs, refining start-site calls, merging annotations, determining functions, and comparative genomics. The two major programs used are DNA Master and Phamerator, both of which participants should be well-acquainted with by the end of the workshop.

Update: BodEinwohner17 has been submitted to GenBank, accession # MN945900. The DNA Master file is available on its phage page. Check out how you did with your own version of the annotation by using the "Review to Improve" protocol in the Bioinformatics Guide.

SEA-PHAGES Bioinformatics Guide

BodEinwohner17 Gene Sign-up Sheet

Meeting type: Workshop

Workshop type: Annotation & Bioinformatics (in silico)

Facility: HHMI Headquarters

Agenda: 2019 Phage Genomics Workshop Agenda

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