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| posted 21 May, 2019 17:53
additional photo
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| posted 21 May, 2019 17:52
additional photos…can't figure out how to add multiple attachments!
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| posted 21 May, 2019 17:50
We had problems with smeary DNA for the first time this year. We used the host Streptomyces griseofuscus, which we also used last year without problems. Eventually I found that the uncut DNA looked fine if I ran it out right after isolation, but even one day in the freezer and the DNA looked smeary. Sorry I don't have gels directly showing this but I have some gels showing non-smeary and smeary DNA. We eventually changed DNA preps and sent the DNA we got for sequencing. The good news is all the samples worked fine for sequencing.

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