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| posted 11 Feb, 2019 22:12
Thanks Debbie. I was able to auto annotate this afternoon with GeneMark calls.
Posted in: DNA MasterAuto-annotation fix for fall 2017 and later
| posted 11 Feb, 2019 02:26
I'm having a strange problem with the auto annotation in DNA Master. I am running the latest update of DNA Master (5.23.3; 08Jan2019), and all the preferences are updates as per the 2017 fix.
When auto annotating, I get a "Glimmer failure", but interestingly, I do get auto annotated features. The start sites are all predicted by Glimmer, but no features have start sites predicted by GeneMark. I am connected to the internet and can BLAST individual genes without a problem. I have tried several times to autoannotate today without any luck getting the GeneMark predicted starts.
Any suggestions?

Dana Pape-Zambito
Posted in: DNA MasterAuto-annotation fix for fall 2017 and later
| posted 25 Aug, 2017 12:00
Hi Steve,
One of my students tried to use the SEA-PHAGES app, but was unsuccessful. The student tried to register for an account using phages.db (as specified in the discovery manual) and was not able to get an account. I looked up the app in the Apple store, and it's no longer listed. We also looked on an android device and it's not listed in the apps there either.

Is the app being revamped?

Dana Pape-Zambito

Posted in: SEA-PHAGES Appa work in progress