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Phage no available on phagesDB

| posted 19 Jan, 2024 15:02
We are annotating phage Gack this semester. In blastn a nearly identical phage in Frankin22:

>Microbacterium phage Frankin22 complete sequence, 40567 bp including
10-base 3' overhang (ACTCCCGGCA), Cluster EB
Length = 40567

Score = 1.105e+04 bits (5573), Expect = 0.0
Identities = 6164/6358 (96%), Gaps = 6/6358 (0%)
Strand = Plus / Plus

My problem is that when I try to look up Frankin22 in phagesDB, I get the message
"Error: Page Not Found".
The problem seems to be that the searchable databank lists the sequence as Frankin22, and in phagesDB the phage is known a Franklin22.
Johann Peter Gogarten
| posted 19 Jan, 2024 18:11
Hi Johann,
The header of the fasta file for Franklin22 had a misspelling in it, so it read Frankin22. If you go to Franklin22's page, you can get the info that you need. The header has been corrected, but will not post until sometime later tonight or tomorrow.
| posted 19 Jan, 2024 19:48
Thanks Debbie!
Johann Peter Gogarten
| posted 19 Jan, 2024 19:49
Thanks Debbie!
Johann Peter Gogarten
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