The immunity repressor (pham 99175) from cluster A is present in other cluster genomes along with their own cluster specific immunity repressor– specifically C1 (LittleE) , K (, and F1(DLane), CA (Phrankenstein), J(Courthouse), and K (SamScheppers).

Graham described this “immunity theft” in Pope et al 2011 in PLoS One

From Rick Pollenz:
Some of the cluster F1 (and the others Debbie mentioned) have TWO “immunity repressors”, one that is grouped to those mostly from cluster A (Pham 99175) and a second one that is specific to the cluster phage. These rogue one is typically found in a set of 2-3 reverse genes upstream of the integrase. The 2nd repressor is found downstream of the integrase in a 2nd set of reverse genes and groups to a different PHAM. Both sets of reverse genes are on during lysogeny and this is nicely illustrated in the RNA seq figure 4 for phage Fruitloop in the gp52 Wag paper ( where gp37 is the “rogue” hetroimmunity repressor and gp44 is the putative immunity repressor.