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Solution to missing MMseqs2 error for Mac version of flat file checker

| posted 31 May, 2022 14:11
Hi all-

If you are running the QC flat file checker on the Mac and encounter the error "MMseqs2 not found - please install version 13.45111 and try again" during the checking for database updates stage, you can solve the problem by performing the following.

Open a new Terminal window and enter in the following commands

conda activate pdm_utils
conda install -c bioconda -c conda-forge mmseqs2=13.45111
conda deactivate

Close the terminal and try running the flat file checker again. This solution worked for me as of today (5/31/22).
| posted 02 Jun, 2022 21:11
Thanks Kristen!
After QC working fine last week, I got this error the other day (using a PC).
Your patch fixed it.
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