Hi All,
I am calling a gene in a singleton phage Finkle (gp42 on Phamerator and and between integrase and Immunity repressor). I noted that in AY cluster specific tips Debbie states that the gene that hits IrrE only aligns to the HTH DNA binding domain and therefore call it such. The gene I am looking at is found in a long list of phage across both Gordonia clusters and prophage clusters (CY, CZ, DN, F, MabA, P). But this protein in HHpred has high quality alignment to IrrE and includes the peptidase region (with the HEXXH motif) and the HTH DNA binding domain. Given its location between the integrase and immunity repressor my guess is that this is something like the ImmA antirepressor. But since we can't use guesses for function assignment what do we call this? metallopeptidase helix-turn-helix DNA binding protein? That is too long a name.

Please send suggestions. Also the HHpred data is attached!