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Adjunct in Genome Sciences (remote) position

| posted 10 Jan, 2022 18:29

This may be of interest to faculty/instructors/grad students. Please see the request and course info below, that comes from a colleague at Rowan University. Share as you see fit, as this position is for THIS spring semester! If interested, please contact Dr. Grace Farber, Associate Dean of Program Development, College of Science and Mathematics, Rowan University:, 856-256-4344

Rowan is in dire need of an adjunct. The course can be run as the instructor sees fit and remotely (running WF 9:30am-12:15pm). The previous instructor was using curriculum from although we are trying to figure out which one. Please let me know if you have any individuals you think might be interested and thank you!!

BIOL 01459 - Genome Sciences

This laboratory course provides the student with a survey of the highly interdisciplinary field of Genome Sciences. Students will engage critically with the primary literature to master concepts in topics including genome sequencing technology and analysis, comparative and evolutionary genomics, structural genomics, environmental and conservation genomics,and genomics in human health and disease. Students will additionally have the opportunity to directly collect and analyze genomic data using state-of-the-art methods.
4.000 Credit hours
| posted 06 Nov, 2023 04:53
Hello, Just joined and please share remote genomics teaching opportunity.
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