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Low isolation rate for Gordonia terrae this semester

| posted 11 Oct, 2021 17:27
Hi all-

We've successfully made it through direct isolation and purification this semester, but has anyone else noticed a consistently low isolation rate for Gordonia phages over the last two months? We usually have a very high success rate (50-70%) on direct isolation here in Pittsburgh, but it's dropped down to 20% this semester across all 10 of our sections. Has anyone else noticed issues with low isolation rates for Gordonia? I'm curious as to what could be happening.
| posted 23 Oct, 2021 16:09
We have had a rough time isolating any phages this semester. I tried moving to G rubripertincta. We got one phage out of 4-5 rounds with 14 students. We switched to G. terrae and have only gotten one. It’s really difficult to keep students motivated.
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