tyrosine integrase #1 = gp 34 (many strong HHpred hits)
immunity repressor = gp 35 (strong HHpred evidence and genes in the Pham)
tyrosine integrase #2 = gp 37 (many strong HHpred hits as gp34)
cro = gp41 (7CSV_A HTH cro/C1-type domain-containing protein; dimer, ANTITOXIN; 1.71A {Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1}
excise gp 42 (PF06806.1 Putative excisionase; 1Y6U_A Excisionase from transposon Tn916; DNA architectural protein, Tyrosine recombinase, Excisionase, Winged-helix protein, C

So all required genes can be identified
RS Pollenz