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Connecting to Actinobacteriophage Database

| posted 22 Feb, 2021 15:37
I’m hoping someone can help. I have been trying to connect to the Actinobacteriophage database directly using mySQL and I found some instructions on

and followed those but hit a stumbling block as the location of the file holding the data is given as but it gives a file not located error. Does anyone know what location the actual database file is accessible from so that I can just make a local copy and access it using mySQL or something similar?

Many thanks

| posted 22 Feb, 2021 15:51
Hi Greg,

Yes, indeed, we had to move everything to a new location when our old web hosting company was acquired by G*D***y. Here's the new URL for our databases:

Specifically, if you want the same database that's current in Phamerator and PhagesDB:

(Don't click that link, it'll download the whole database!)

Take care,
| posted 22 Feb, 2021 21:52
Thank you so much, that has been really helpful,

Best wishes
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