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Novel Student Issue

| posted 09 Sep, 2020 01:38
I am getting my students started using DNAM, online, of course, and one has run into a novel problem. I am sure it's something simple, but I sure can't figure out how they are getting this result.

First they are running through a practice genome I use for training, and this student is getting a RBS results window that looks weird. I did ask if he is running DNAM as an administrator and if it had been updated.

Anyone ever see this version of the RBS screen? Note that the column headers are wrong, no Z score, not final score.


Edited 09 Sep, 2020 01:39
| posted 09 Sep, 2020 01:45
Check the build, I think that he has not updated DNA Master.
| posted 09 Sep, 2020 01:47
Darn it. I knew that would be the answer.

| posted 09 Sep, 2020 01:47
I need a way to more easily see their screens.

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