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Mycobacterium Marinum

| posted 09 Jun, 2020 12:16
Hi all,

I'm trying to obtain mycobacteriophages for myocobacterium marinum in order to study their effects in an infected animal host.
Does anyone know if phages for this host have been isolated and/or sequenced? If not, is anyone else keen to work on this with me?

| posted 09 Jun, 2020 14:41
The list of all the hosts can be found here:

Unfortunately, Myocobacterium marinum does not appear on the mycobacterium sub-list.
| posted 20 Sep, 2022 15:44
I had a student try to use M marinum just before COVID and we found we were unable to infect with any of our stock phages and found no environmental samples that could do the trick either. Looking deeper into the published research, marinum already has several (up to 10?) prophages that appear to be causing superinfection immunity. Eventually we canned the project as several months in, we got nothing to happen in the phage dept.
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