After a discussion in SMART meetings we decided that a capsid maturation protease function should not be called unless there is HHPRED data indicating a protease or peptidase domain (e.g. ClpP protease).

There are two genes that people have called capsid maturation protease in the DC phage and neither have HHPRED data supporting this function call.

The first is gp14 in Portcullis and Jambaylaya, which has a MuF-like domain and ADP ribosyl transferase domain. This gene should be called "ADP-ribosyltransferase domain and MuF-like fusion protein."

The second is gp16. This gene we are calling a hypothetical protein. There is weak evidence pointing to EEEV capsid proteases but the alignments have low probability, high E values and the the alignments don't actually include the peptidase domain.