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New VapBC operon TA pair in Moosehead

| posted 11 May, 2020 00:18
Hi All,
We have identified a probably TA pair adjacent to the integrase in the cluster CZ6 phage Moosehead. It looks like the MTb VapBC TA pair. Gp38 with (stop 27,095) has a Pin domain ( PF18478.1) that is typical of the ribonuclease toxin protein and upstream is a gene with good HHPRED matches to VapBC antitoxin of MTb and it also has strong matches to Mer-like HTH DNA binding domains typical of antitoxin proteins.

PErmission to add toxin in toxin/antitoxin system, VapBC-like and antitoxin in toxin/antitoxin system, VapBC-like or some other name for this TA system?

Here is a paper by the way that describes this TA system in M. smegmatis.

Robson J, McKenzie JL, Cursons R, Cook GM, Arcus VL. The vapBC operon from Mycobacterium smegmatis is an autoregulated toxin–antitoxin module that controls growth via inhibition of translation. Journal of molecular biology. 2009 Jul 17;390(3):353-67.
| posted 22 May, 2020 00:20
Hi Sally,
I am attaching my investigation for kicks and giggles. That this (or similar) is in other CZs and a P3 is fun!
Punch line is that 39 can be called a toxin in a toxin/antitoxin system and 40 can be called an antitoxin in a toxin/antitoxin system.
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