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Having trouble getting NCBI Blast data for a gene via DNA Master, but can get the data directly via phagesDb and NCBI websites: Shida gene 7

| posted 10 May, 2020 18:13
Dear phage hunters, since the very first auto-annotation till now, we’ve had trouble getting NCBI blast data for Shida Gene 7 when we do Blast through DNA Master, but can get the blast data when we do the BLASTp directly on the NCBI website, as well as in PhagesDb. This gene is present in Vorrps, YungJamal & Krili in phamerator and had q1:s1, 100% with phage Krill in phagesDb; Original GeneMark call @bp 2236; SSC: 2144-2236 rev; CP: Yes; SCS: Both; ST:SS; BLAST-Start: Krili, gp 7, phagesDb, q1:s1, 100%, 8e-12; Gap:4 bp overlap. TMHMM and SOSUI analysis confirmed this to be a membrane protein, with one transmembrane domain. Since we have tried several times without success getting Blast data for this gene via DNA master and its needed for submission of the final files, what would you advise us to do? This is the only gene in Shida that has not budged!

Attached are snapshots of the Frames, Coding potential profile, phamerator snapshot, results (actually no result) when Blasted via DNA Master, PhagedDb BLASTp results, NCBI BLASTp results (when done directly via the website), TMHMM & SOSUI analysis results. Please advise, because we have tried to get blast data for this gene directly via DNA Master as required, but all in vain.
Edited 10 May, 2020 18:17
| posted 10 May, 2020 18:51
Just make a note in your cover sheet when you submit. No worries.
| posted 10 May, 2020 19:38
Thanks Debbie!
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