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tRNA start/stop coordinates

| posted 08 Apr, 2020 22:10
Dear all,

All three recommended software packages agree that our phage genome contains 4 tRNAs.
The Bioinformatics Guide states that "the version of Aragorn that is within DNA Master does not call all the tRNAs, nor does it correctly trim the ends of the tRNAs that it does identify" and that "tRNAscan-SE is not as good as Aragorn at determining the correct ends of the tRNAs". Thus, am I correct in assuming that we should go ahead and change the tRNA coordinates in our final genome annotation to the Aragon v.1.2.38 calls?

Thank you in advance for your help!

| posted 08 Apr, 2020 22:13
The correct way to document your tRNA is found here:

Good Luck,
Edited 08 Apr, 2020 22:18
| posted 08 Apr, 2020 22:17
Thanks Debbie!
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