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Could this Pham be improperly assigned in PECAAN?

| posted 25 Mar, 2020 23:49
Why isn’t there a Pham report for a Pham that seems very common in the databases? Here is an example: Magic8 gene 92

Nothing behind the pham link - no PDF - I think that means it’s not on .

Yet, many BLAST hits for this gene/protein! Wouldn't a frequently found protein be assigned a Pham and have a starterator analysis done?

| posted 26 Mar, 2020 18:30
missing or broken links are almost always due to pham changes with each new database release.
New databases typically come out at least once a week.
Once a database has been released by the Hatfull lab it takes each subsystem a variable amount of time to update. will update almost immediately since it is also in the Hatfull lab. and Pecaan will typically update pretty quickly as all they need to do is download and install the new database. Starterator will almost always update last as it takes quite a bit of time to run 15,000 clustal alignments and create the 15,000 reports., pecaan and starterator all have a way to see which database version they are on:
phagesdb see:
starterator see:
pecaan: look on any "pham maps" page just above the map open the pull down menu in the top left
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