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Ideas for online post-annotation projects/assignments

| posted 11 Mar, 2020 20:13
Drexel University is on the quarter system. Our 10 week Spring term starts in 3 weeks time and we usually have the students work on independent wet lab projects. I have been asked to plan a 10 week online course, for our 90 SEA-PHAGE students (as a contingency plan). They have already annotated 8 genomes and written up draft Microbiology Resource Announcement articles describing their phages.

Does anyone have any ideas for phage related online materials or assignments, which can build upon the annotations or their knowledge from isolating phages?

Any ideas would be much appreciate.

Susan Gurney
| posted 11 Mar, 2020 22:40
I was asked by my dean about how we can make a three-week version of the in situ lab I teach in the Summer on line. That's not helpful, I know, but I was just about to post that when I saw this. :<

Anyway, to your question. We created a series of short videos demonstrating some of the simple tools like making Gepard plots, calculating ANI and OrthoANI, and gene content; and some more complex ones like making phylogenetic trees, using Splitstree (has that been streamlined yet?), and SNP analysis.

We give them some tools and turn them loose along with some advice on how to ask questions. But that's something that could be done quickly and at a distance.

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