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DNA Master Failing to Update - 01.23.2020

| posted 23 Jan, 2020 15:13
Is anyone else having difficulty updating DNA Master this morning?

It's 9:08AM CST and over half our lab computers (all of which have updated fine previously) are not able to progress beyond 67% in the update.

Anybody else?
| posted 23 Jan, 2020 17:01
It is 11:59am on January 23 and I was able to update with no problem. The latest update is version 5.23.3, Build2640, 22 January 2020. Are you still having problems with the update?
| posted 23 Jan, 2020 21:17
The server (or our network) apparently came back online shortly after class ended at 10:30am CST. It may have been our network. Who knows.

Since we are still in "training mode" we just had the students huddle around those computers which would update.

Thanks for the response. gf
Edited 23 Jan, 2020 21:17
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