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Pham 106383 report not found

| posted 21 Jan, 2020 21:02
I am unable to access the starterator report for pham 106383. According to Phagesdb, there are 83 members in this pham but I am unable to access the report through PECAAN or Phagesdb. I get error 404 (Page/Report not Found)
| posted 21 Jan, 2020 23:06
With the MLK holiday weekend I was not able to calculate the new reports until this afternoon for the recently posted version of the database. The reports for this release of the database (number 336) has now been posted and pham 106383 is now available.

Most missing phams are due to this issue of databases being out of sync. Unfortunately, it takes up to 20 CPU hours to calculate all 14,000 or so Starterator reports. Thus Starterator will typically be the last to update and often up to 1 day later than the other web pages. You can see which version of the database PECAAN is using on the PhamMaps page just above the map; for you can see which version in the pull-down menu near the top left corner; for Starterator the database version is now indicated near the top of the second page just after the date run. If these numbers do not match you can expect a higher risk of missing phams until the new Starterator analysis has been posted.
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