I have a new 2019 DELL laptop and have been trying to install DNA master. I do not get all the files in the download (no library or ssleay32 files) and I do not see the DNAMas updated version showing up like I saw when I did this on an older machine I borrowed prior to the conference last week (running windows 7). Thus, the program that is downloaded will not update from the 2012 version. I tried form both Phages DB links and seaphages.org. I have uninstalled and tried several times but get the same results. I noticed that when I initially download the file and open in the downloads folder, the DNAmas.ex will not initially launch and gives an error saying that it will not run on a PC, but eventually the DNAmas.ex does turn into the DNA master icon so I can launch the installer……but only seems to contain the minimal files listed above.
RS Pollenz