I'm annotating Gordonia phage Kenosha (DJ) and would like to call Kenosha_65 (Pham 46635) as ssDNA binding protein. BLAST at NCBI or PhagesDB isn't helpful because the hits do not have assigned functions. HHPRED returns a high probability hit with a recently crystalized ssDNA binding protein over ~75% of Kenosha_65 and most of the crystalized ssDNA binding protein (attached). The e values of HHPred are not good but the structure paper indicates structural similarity with T7 2.5 (a ssDNA binding protein), despite the low similarity at the sequence level. There is pretty good matches between query and subject in areas of the protein that have conserved single stranded DNA binding residues. Plus Kenosha 65 is 5 genes downstream of DNA primase/polymerase. Any thoughts from a higher authority?