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Cluster BI - Thymidylate kinase

| posted 12 May, 2019 01:09
I am reviewing a BI1 and have a another call that I am planning on deleting, thymidylate kinase. The call has been made based on a blast hit to several other phages, but I can't find any other evidence that it really is thymidylate kinase.

If this were one of our phages, I would call it NKF for sure, but wanted to get a second opinion since it is the first one I am reviewing externally.

Three members of pham 44619 ( have the call, the rest don't.

The results for the gene are here and No hint of a hit other than by blast - I think they are questionable hits.

But the approved functions list uses Erdmann_94 as the example of the call, which is pham 46029 -, and has been changed to thymidylate synthase and is mostly filled with ThyX, etc.

Upshot is, I think the kinase call wrong.


Edited 13 May, 2019 00:01
| posted 13 May, 2019 16:27
sounds like the kinase call is wrong.
Thanks Steve.
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