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Cluster BI - Endolysin

| posted 11 May, 2019 17:36
I am reviewing a BI1 and have a couple genes with functions assigned that are not on the official function list. Both were undoubtedly chosen because they were assigned historically. I just want to get a backstop of my plan. I'll post them as separate posts.

One is endolysin, which I am changing to hydrolase.

Eleven cluster BI phages have the function endolysin assigned to a gene in pham 3570 (

The protein does hits a bunch of previous endolysin and hydrolase calls ( and has a lysozyme domain when blasted.

HHPred shows a strong lysozyme domain on the right side, and a weaker peptidase/hydrolase domain on the left ( and (

I see a general call of hydrolase as the safest choice. It has two domains, so I considered Lysin A, but I'm not confident in it.


Edited 11 May, 2019 20:19
| posted 13 May, 2019 16:28
is there another candidate for an endolysin/lysin A?
| posted 13 May, 2019 17:03
These phages have a second gene identified as hydrolase immediately following two minor tail proteins and immediately before the holin, so it is hard to tell if it is another minor tail protein or a lysin by synteny, so the more generic call has been used in the past.

That is - and

Once this is resolved, it's ready, by the way.

Edited 13 May, 2019 17:03
| posted 16 May, 2019 18:56
OK, so, after further consideration and looking at the second one, I think calling the first gene Lysin A is probably pretty safe. I don't know about calling the second one anything beyond hydrolase.

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