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Cluster DE terminase/HNH endonuclease/intein

| posted 09 May, 2019 19:11
I am reviewing Verity and Zipp, two Cluster DE phages. Gp2 is rather long (2646 bp), and in both phages has strong HHPred matches to terminases on the C-terminal side of the protein and strong HHPred matches to a variety of HNH endonucleases and intein domains on the N-terminal side of the protein (see attached). On the approved functions list, there is an option for "terminase, large subunit (nuclease domain)" for Cluster AY genomes, but I don't think that's an appropriate match here because running the example of Auxillum gp3 in HHPred gives full length hits to various terminase, nuclease domains.

Would it be appropriate to call this function as "terminase with intein domain?"
| posted 29 May, 2019 17:09
This question has been answered in the Cluster specific annotation tips for Cluster DE phages.
| posted 30 May, 2019 15:53
For now (per SMART discussion 5-30-19), Welkin recommends just calling this as "terminase" for the functional call. In the notes section, you can add "has intein or HNH domain"
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