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ribonuclease function

| posted 16 Apr, 2019 15:19
The term ribonuclease was used in the past and no longer appears on the official function list. Was there a particular reason for removing it from the list?
| posted 16 Apr, 2019 15:50
There still is the RNAseE function on the list. Is the function you have not that specific?
| posted 09 Mar, 2020 20:24
Pham95856 still has a range of functions listed: Within that pham, there are functional annotations for RNAseE, sigma factor, DNase, endoribonuclease and just helix-turn-helix DNA binding domain protein. I know some B cluster in that pham were changed from RNAseE to helix-turn-helix DNA binding domain protein. Is that the best choice for our DR cluster.
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