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frame shift

| posted 02 Apr, 2019 15:40
As of April 2019, we do not know where the frameshift is in the tail assembly chaperones in the EA1 phages, and so therefore the tail assembly chaperones should be kept as two separate un-shifted genes.
| posted 22 Nov, 2019 13:54
Hi Welkin,
We are annotating one EA5 (Nebulous)phage and one EA11 (Ixel) phage. They are both very similar to Neferthena (EA5). Neferthena called a frameshift for the tail chaperones. We find the same slippery set of 6 guanines in both of our sequences. Other closely related phages did not call the shift and left the genes separate (MCubed, Finny, Sansa). Recommendations? Thanks for your help.
Edited 22 Nov, 2019 16:50
| posted 22 Nov, 2019 17:16
Here is what I know so far. A slippery sequence could not be found in the original EA1 and EA2 annotations. We have looked at EA1 - EA8 annotations so far. Slippery sequences have been annotated in Subclusters EA3,EA4,EA5,and EA6, not in Subclusters EA1, EA2, EA7, and EA8. So if you can find a canonical sequence for the slippage, i would recommend calling it. if you can't, then don't.
| posted 22 Nov, 2019 18:14
Thanks Debbie!
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