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Starterator Out??? Phams keep changing???

Poll: Are you experiencing this with your phages too?
Yes. We are seeing the same phenom.
No. Starterator from PhagesDB seems to be working fine.
| posted 26 Feb, 2019 15:57

When we run Starterator from PhagesDB using the "Gene List", the reports that come up do not actually include our viruses.

Also, Pham numbers have changed since the beginning of the semester and even in the last day. I understand that updates to the databases may create new Phams occasionally.

But the Pham list produced from the gene list function on PhagesDB is not giving us Starterator reports that include our viruses.

I hope this is just a temporary outage or database disconnect? Please let us know.

Thanks. Greg
| posted 26 Feb, 2019 16:22
Answers are here!
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