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Starterator not matching up with listed phams

| posted 26 Feb, 2019 15:19
I am having some trouble with the starterator reports in PECAAN, the phagesdb gene list, and on the WUSTL site. I checked on phamerator and the phams#'s I am using are still correct. Is anyone else having this issue? I was hoping to check my student's gene calls today.
| posted 26 Feb, 2019 16:10
The most likely reason is a database version sync. There was a database update to version 256 late yesterday, the wustl website is still showing the results from version 255. The new database is being worked on by Starterator but there are approximately 15 thousand reports it just takes time, I expect all the runs to be completed in a couple more hours.
If you still have trouble after the update is posted then please post a specific example or two of exactly which genes and pham numbers are giving you issues and I will investigate further.
| posted 26 Feb, 2019 16:18
Thanks Chris, I will wait a few hours and try it again=)
| posted 26 Feb, 2019 18:49
Just a heads up.
It looks like this more recent database update had a very large number of changes. Since starterator tries to use previous results when possible, the large number of changes means this analysis requires a lot more processing and is taking much longer than is typical. I will post as soon as the results are available.

Data has been posted, if you are still missing proper pham links please repost your message
Edited 26 Feb, 2019 22:02
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