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| posted 25 Feb, 2019 03:35
We are annotating some EA1 phages (host was Microbacterium foliorum). In phage PrincePhergus both Aragorn and tRNAscan predict 1 tRNA. We want to call this tRNA, but when I compare it to phages Golden and Koji on PECAAN, they both show 1 tRNA predicted by both Aragorn and tRNAscan, but they don't call it in their final annotation.

My impression was that we call any tRNA gene which was identified by Aragorn. Is there some reason that it was not called in these other phages?

| posted 25 Feb, 2019 22:26
Excellent question! I think those tRNAs are missed in Golden and Koji. I will be making some edits soon.
Good catch!
| posted 25 Feb, 2019 23:27
Thank you, I will make sure they are included in our phages.

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