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Portal/Head-t-o-tail Case Study Question

| posted 22 Nov, 2018 18:01
I'm following up on Zetzy, an A3, that we used in the Hack-a-thon, and I have a quick question.

I was able to call two genes NKF (that had been labeled otherwise in other phages), and another as head-to-tail adapter based on the Case Study and the table provided at end, that outlines the PDB hit requirements (5A21_D). But the next gene's PDB his is to 5A21_E, which is not listed. The only 'E' version of the entry contains SPP1 proteins 15, 16, and 17.

Any thoughts? 'G/17' is downstream, so could this be 'F/16"?


| posted 23 Nov, 2018 18:30
5A21_E is listed along with 5A21_F as a head-to-tail stopper.
| posted 23 Nov, 2018 18:36
Thank you. I see it in the text, now, though the table at the end shows "F."

Thanks, again.

| posted 23 Nov, 2018 18:54
you mean the table at the end of the case study, right? That is because that gene only hits F and not E. I am not sure how to avoid the confusion. E is in the Functional Assignment list appropriately. If you have a better suggestion let me know.
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