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marking HHpred for unknown function

| posted 15 Nov, 2018 02:38
I am confused about the role of HHpred for genes of unknown function. Is it useful to record HHpred results that are a good match, but do not provide functional information? Or should HHpred only be recorded if it supports a specific function?

For example, Parada_23 (19065 to 19505 (Forward)). The top HHpred result is to "DUF2744 ; Protein of unknown function", with a 98.5% probability and 73.2877% coverage. The probability and coverage seem good, but the "DUF" in DUF2744 stands for "domain of unknown function", so this result provides no functional data. Should I / my students mark / record this result in PECAAN / when doing annotations? Or, should HHpred results only be recorded if they have good probability and coverage AND indicate a specific function?

(As a note, the second result is to an anti-sigma factor, with 39% probability and 21% coverage. PhagesDB and NCBI BLAST support a function of "minor tail protein".)

| posted 15 Nov, 2018 13:05
Hi Ruth,
Only if there is a specific function. Thanks for checking.

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