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fushigi_draft 52 homing endonuclease + primase

| posted 18 Jun, 2018 02:55
Not sure exactly how to annotate this gene from fushigi (37,851-36310 rev)
most A1 phage in this region have the two DNA primase genes with the large overlap, however in fushigi and a few others there is a single large gene of 513 amino acids:

The first 128 amino acids have an HHPRED hit (98.8%)to DNA primase [PDB 5VAZ]
amino acids 113 - 424 have HHPREd hit to INTEIN-ENCODED HOMING ENDONUCLEASE (99.9%) {PDB 1DQ3]
and finally amino acids 414 - 513 also HHPRED (98.6%) the same DNA primase [PDB 5VAZ]

most of the annotations in this pham are just DNA primase, one protein Turj99 gp53 is annotated (intein-containing topoisomerase primase).

Clearly this is an intein within a primase, just not sure how best to annotate.
| posted 18 Jun, 2018 12:12
Cool! I wonder if we can use this one to figure out the boundaries of the others?

I think DNA primase with intein is appropriate here.
| posted 18 Jun, 2018 15:17
I thought the same thing but no luck. The intein is entirely within the second (in order of transcription) gene and the upstream gene appears to no longer be expressed.
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