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Multiple Integrases?

| posted 18 Apr, 2018 18:31
When annotating phage Squiddly (DN2) two genes have evidence of being an integrase, (Y-int) - Gene 44 and Gene 38. Based on Blast hits, HHPred, and genomic position upstream of what I believe is the immunity repressor (gene 4smile I have called gene 44 as the integrase; however, gene 38 also contains tyrosine XerC domains, has hits to integrases with 100%probability on HHPred and is in a Phamily that have called this protein the integrase in Phage Howe gene 36 and Bowser gene 37.
Can there be multiple tyrosine integrases in a Gordonia phage genome?

I'm not sure why the immunity repressor number is showing as a smiley face, but that should say forty eight.
Edited 18 Apr, 2018 18:33
| posted 19 Apr, 2018 14:51
Yes, looks like Squiddly has two integrases, including one of the same ones that appears in several other gordonias with two integrases: Howe, Utz, Bowser.

And yes, you can have two tyrosine ones. We talk about it in the Gordonia paper:

Good catch!
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