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non SEA-PHAGES genomes

| posted 17 Apr, 2018 12:56
Cluster AR contains a phage that was not isolated and sequenced by the SEA-PHAGES program. Its finders annotated the genome differently. We do not curate, update, or QC this genome.

This phage is:

Edited 22 Oct, 2019 14:04
| posted 17 Oct, 2019 22:15
Hi Welkin - just curious, did you mean phage ArV1 from this paper? I couldn't find a phage called AvR1.
Some students are presenting the ArV1 paper for journal club. The AR cluster contractile tail on a Siphoviridae is very interesting…!
| posted 18 Oct, 2019 01:19
Hi! Yes, ArV1 is the phage of that paper. Why do you say that AR phages are siphoviridae?
| posted 18 Oct, 2019 18:24
Oh, interesting…We adopted DrYang from the Genome Exchange, and its PhagesDB page says it has Siphoviridae morphology (from the EM pic, I can see why - its tail looks somewhat long). But now I see that other AR phages are listed as Myoviridae.

Should I update the PhagesDB page for DrYang to list it as having Myoviridae morphology based on the rest of the cluster members?
| posted 19 Oct, 2019 00:17
That would be great!
| posted 31 Oct, 2019 20:28
Hi Debbie,

I can't update DrYang to be a Myoviridae in because it was not our phage originally, and it is asking me to input the GPS coordinates (which I don't know) as part of the change/update.
| posted 01 Nov, 2019 01:06
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