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lysin A in two parts

| posted 16 Apr, 2018 16:45
Lysin A, which is a single multi-domain protein in many Actinobacteriophages, is split at the domain boundaries encoded by two adjacent genes in cluster DN. The functions should be reported as "lysin A, whatever the domain is" to indicate that each gene does not encode the full lysin A.
| posted 28 Apr, 2022 14:16
Yes! My students have discovered these two domains in the Malisha genome (genes 24 and 25). smile
| posted 12 May, 2023 20:41
Hi! I have a follow up on this thread. We are looking at BearBQ_21. We are seeing hits in HHPRED for both an M15 peptidase domain and the L-ala-D-glu domains. Is there a preferable choice here? M15 is ranking a bit higher in this particular HHPRED search, but every other phage with this gene calls the L-ala-D-glu. Any feedback?
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