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lysin B

| posted 13 Apr, 2018 18:23
Cluster CQ does not have an identifiable lysin B.
Edited 16 Aug, 2023 16:48
| posted 16 Aug, 2023 15:53
We are now calling lysin B in cluster CQ genomes. CQ genomes carry the same lysin B gene found in cluster A15 and CU genomes. PReviously in the CQs this gene was assigned the function of serine hydrolase. But this sequence aligns to the same crystal structures (2czq cutinase and 1qoz acetyl xylan esterase) as the D29 lysin B (see Payne, K., Sun, Q., Sacchettini, J. and Hatfull, G.F., 2009. Mycobacteriophage Lysin B is a novel mycolylarabinogalactan esterase. Molecular microbiology, 73(3), pp.367-381.)

Attached is a Pham map of CQ genomes Cucurbita aligned to Culver with the lysin B genes highlighted in a pink box. Note that Cucurbita has assigned the function serine hydrolase.
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