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minor tail proteins

| posted 03 Apr, 2018 14:11
Unlike many other clusters, the Cluster A phages have *some* minor tail proteins at the left end of their genome, upstream of the lysins and terminase genes (around gene 4-6ish). You can recognize these proteins due to their size. Some of them may have structural motifs that suggest long, extended proteins, like collagen-repeats, or coiled-coils.
| posted 06 Jun, 2019 12:51
How hard and fast is the minor tail protein size range (1-3kb)?
I'm reviewing an A1 annotation that has assigned the 'minor tail protein' function to 333bp, 348 bp and 447 bp ORF's, mostly based (I think) on a FEW cases in each pham that have given this functional assignment to similarly (small) sized ORFs. I want to change these all to NKF, first based on size and second based on total number of minor tails of the correct size and position.
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