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M. Smeg Growth Curve

| posted 05 Feb, 2018 18:07
Is there a growth curve for M. Smeg available? Instructions say to grow for 3-5 days (until saturated)but also to have bacteria in the log phase of growth. From what I have seen this is around 30 hours and D29 does not seem to infect (on plates) then. Just looking for info outside of the instruction guide on using M. Smeg. Thanks
Edited 05 Feb, 2018 18:11
| posted 08 Feb, 2018 01:40

I don't have the answer to the question you are asking but I do have a comment about the M smeg infection. We have been using very dense cultures that I suspect are not at all in log phase but are probably reaching stationary phase. I also have done this with a completely different bacterium and also get good results from stationary phase infections. I would recommend getting it really dense and trying the infection then.

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