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Missing phage in Phamerator database

| posted 10 Apr, 2017 21:45
I might have missed seeing this, but are some L4 phages like Purgamenstris missing from the database?
| posted 10 Apr, 2017 23:53
Purgamenstris is now an N cluster phage see:
| posted 11 Apr, 2017 16:08
Purgamenstris is now an N cluster phage see:

Sorry, it is indeed a Cluster N phage but is not in Phamerator
| posted 12 Apr, 2017 18:16
It looks like your VM may be stuck on an old version of the database as I can see purgamenstris in my local phamerator database and I can see it on the website listed with the other cluster N phages.

It may be that your VM cannot get to the internet or some other issue with the auto-update function of phamerator.

You can test the VM's access to the internet if you open either chrome or firefox (both should be in the left hand icon bar) and make sure you can open a web page.

If its the auto-update system you could try to force an update to the database. In phamerator select edit => preferences and click the "force database update" button. Then be patient as it can take a while before anything visible happens, (depends on your exact VM/host computer setup; takes about 3 minutes with a really fast hard drive, up to 10+ minutes on the sloweest systems). At some point you should get a button to "restart now", click that, then wait a while longer. Eventually phamerator will become available again and you will see a "database is already the newest version" message at the bottom of the window.

If the internet is working for the VM and the force update does not fix then post again.
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