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tRNAscan-SE site has changed?

| posted 09 Feb, 2017 16:08
Has tRNA-scan-SE been changed? It now directs to: and none of the advanced functions detailed in the Annotation Guide apply (pp. 97-100)
| posted 10 Feb, 2017 15:59
Yes the old tRNA-scan-SE site was shut down as of last November. You will need to follow the updated protocol which is on the seaphages faculty info page, Bioinformatics section:

Click here for Revised tRNA evaluation protocol (Section 9.5).
| posted 10 Feb, 2017 17:57
Perfect. Thanks!
| posted 14 Feb, 2017 16:01
tRNAscan-SE 2.0 has moved again:
| posted 06 Feb, 2021 18:54
and I just revised the protocol again.
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