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Function called for some but not all members of pham

| posted 24 Apr, 2016 18:17
If there is a function assigned to a gene in Phamerator for some Phage (but not many) can we assume this is a function that can be assigned?

Specifically, gp14 of mycobacterioum Swish is annotated as a SAP domain. I do not see SAP domain on the 2015 function assignment list though.
| posted 27 Apr, 2016 14:01
In general, we have been trying to move away from using three letter abbreviations in the majority our functional assignments, so please don't use 'SAP domain'.
If you have good evidence for a function that is not on the approved list, please feel free to assign a gene that function, just make sure you write it out clearly.
However, please make a note of it in your cover sheet for the annotation, so SMART can take a careful look and decide if it should get added to next year's approved list.

Thanks for the question!
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