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Databases and Alternate hosts

| posted 01 Oct, 2015 20:11
Hello! I'm trying to get Phamerator up and going for my phages using the 2015 VM. We will be annotating both mycobacteriophages and propionibacterio phages. For the myco' I have updated the Phamerator database, but don't see my new phages, even though it says they have been phamerated. Can you please post the server location and database names I should be using?
| posted 05 Oct, 2015 14:00
Hi Jordan,

Apologies, we haven't done a great job of letting everyone know the updated Phamerator settings. We've combined all of the Actinobacteria phages into a single Phamerator database. It is now available by using the following settings in Phamerator (go to Edit–>Preferences in Phamerator to change these values).

Take care to type exactly, because these are all case-sensitive and must be input exactly as shown.



After entering both of these values, click "Force Database Update". Wait while Phamerator updates, then it'll prompt you to restart. Do that. If you're prompted for a password at any point, it should be simply: "phage".

Edited 05 Oct, 2015 14:00
| posted 20 Jan, 2016 22:44

I had the exact same question. I just forced an update (the settings were already as shown in Dan's post, but my phage still don't show up. I'm looking for timmi and briton15

| posted 20 Jan, 2016 22:47

I think I didn't restart phamerator correctly it's downloading updates now
| posted 20 Jan, 2016 22:51
yep - it showed up now. I found Timmi and he wasn't trapped in a well.

| posted 21 Jan, 2016 03:55
yep - it showed up now. I found Timmi and he wasn't trapped in a well.


I never understood why Timmi was so interested in playing near wells all the time. Glad to hear he's safe and you've figured out the Phamerator issue!

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